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The District has partnered with the City of Lone Tree, Douglas County, and other entities to provide major capital improvements to and along arterial and collector streets to benefit District residents and property owners. The District has an Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Lone Tree
regarding projects.

Through 2020 audited financial statements, the cumulative amount of shared costs for cooperative projects among the District, City, and or County, totaled $42,920,194 of which $12,755,022
represents the District's portion.

Brick Wall Study

In partnership with the City of Lone Tree, the Park Meadows Metropolitan District (PMMD) conducted a comprehensive study on conditions of the existing brick walls, located throughout various portions of PMMD. Please visit the City of Lone Tree’s website for the project’s page for more information:

For specific information about the District's projects, contact Matt Urkoski at

Recently Completed


  • City of Lone Tree Brick Wall Study

  • City of Lone Tree Lincoln Overlay Project

  • City of Lone Tree Adaptive Signal Project

  • Median Rehabilitation / Tuckpoint Repair Project

  • Xeriscape ROW work at Lone Tree Parkway and Bronti Circle and on the northeast corner of Yosemite St and Heritage Hills Circle

  • Median Landscape Renovation

  • Lincoln Ave Leaf Pedestrian Bridge 

  • Yosemite St Landscape Median (Park Meadows Dr to C-470) 

  • Median Rehabilitation / Tuckpoint Repair Project

  • Median Assessment Program Map

  • 5-Year (2018 - 2022) Median Rehabilitation Program Map 2018    

  • County Line Rd Improvements - Phase 2

  • County Line Rd & I-25 Road Improvement Project

  • County Line Rd Improvements - Phase 1

Recently Completed

Completed Projects


  • Yosemite Right Turn Lane at Park Meadows Dr     

  • Parkway Drive Reconstruction (Acres Green Dr to County Line Rd)          

  • Sunningdale Blvd Median at Lone Tree Pkwy        

  • Parkway Dr (Acres Green Dr to County Line Rd) Median Landscape Improvements

  • Park Meadows Dr Reconstruction Construction Plan Improvements
    (Acres Green Dr to Quebec St) Landscaped Medians

  • Yosemite St and Lincoln Ave Landscape Medians Tuckpoint Repair/Replacement

  • Landscaped ROW on east side of Park Meadows Center Dr from East Park Meadows Retail Resort entrance to County Line Rd / I-25 Interchange          

  • Acres Green Dr Landscaped Median Reconstruction (Parkway Dr to County Line Rd)        

  • Pedestrian Lights on west side of Yosemite St (Lincoln Ave to Park Meadows Dr) 

  • Pedestrian Lights on east side of Yosemite St (Maximus Dr to Park Meadows Dr)


  • PF Chang's Turn Pocket - River Rock Installation  $3,000       

  • Park Meadows Dr Reconstruction (Acres Green Dr to Quebec St) $300,000

  • C-470/Yosemite Bridge Painting $20,000

  • PF Chang's Turn Pocket $50,000       

  • Timberline Median Enhancements $180,000      

  • Parkway Dr Reconstruction $250,000

  • Parkway Dr (Acres Green Dr to Bozarth Wy) Landscaped Median $187,000

  • Pedestrian lights on the south side of Lincoln Ave $300,000       

  • Water Conservation Program  $36,560       

  • Sunningdale Traffic Calming $270,400     

  • Park Meadows Dr Landscaped Medians from Acres Green Dr to Yosemite St $307,000 


  • Intersection communication and coordination technology upgrades $34,500 

  • Traffic count devices located at Park Meadows Retail Resort Entrances $45,000     

  • Pedestrian lights on the north side of Lincoln Ave $270,000    

  • Quebec landscaped median improvements from Park Meadows Dr to
    County Line Rd     

  • Park Meadows Dr Reconstruction   

  • Widening of Chester St Westview to County Line Rd

  • Improvements to the Quebec & C-470 interchange, including widening of Quebec Street from Park Meadows Dr to County Line Rd, the pedestrian bridge over C-470, and landscaping

  • Replacing the landscaped median in Lone Tree Pkwy from Sunningdale to Limber Way     

  • Reconstruction of the Lincoln Ave and Yosemite St landscaped medians

  • Construction of landscaped medians in Yosemite St from C-470 to
    County Line Rd    

  • Landscaping improvements along Park Meadows Center Dr adjacent to the
    new Light Rail Station retaining wall


  • Widening (twice) of Yosemite St from County Line Rd to Maximus Dr with the City of Lone Tree and Douglas County 

  • Construction of the Lincoln Ave and Yosemite St landscaped medians  

  • Construction of the C-470 / Yosemite interchange with Douglas County
    and others   

  • Lincoln Ave Phase III     

  • County Line Rd

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